Who is he and what does he do?
Biography by Ben Spencer.

Who is he?

Kevin, videographer, mask maker and musician was born in Heerlen, The Netherlands but now lives in Bollnäs, Sweden, also the birth place of his dark-side known as Psyclown - a alias heavily influenced by his taste in Gabber, Hardcore and all things Metal. Kevin 4 In his alias, Kevin quickly gained a reputation through performing with some of the biggest names in the genre and spawning an underground movement through conjuring up Psyclown Records and channelling plenty of blood splattered videos such as 'Insides' and 'Fuck Religion'. His blood-soaked recipe served as a platform for his opposition to anything that divides society with live shows often leaving a trail of gore, fights with the crowd and self-mutilation in his wake. Collaborators for his continual onslaught include Drokz, Angernoizer, Gabba Front Berlin, Rob Gee, Noisekick, Buzz Fuzz, Da Mouth Of Madness, Reverend Fang Gory, Red13, Insan0, Steen and many more. Kevin 3

An encounter with Glenn Benton through Myspace in 2010 led a remix of 'Satan Spawn', The Caco-Daemon', this was his first contact in the Metal world. He continued as a producer when he moved to Sweden, which led to an encounter with Mike Sarkisyan of Spineshank, which culminated into working collaboratively on a Self Titled demo EP. A new darkness emerged on the other side of the 2013 recording; one that would come to replace the terror of Kevin 2Psyclown and replace it with the brutality of Srednep.

The final 20 track Rest In Peace 2005 / 2015 EP came out in 2015 together with a splatter music video for the song 'Devoured by Maggots'.

In 2016, Psyclown Records became obsolete and Srednep reinvented itself as a trio. Kevin decided to crank up the metal after the band's 2013 Silence EP, ditching the electronics with Suffocations Kevin Talley as their drummer.

Kevin 1Through this revitalized line-up, Srednep unleashed their debut album Social Masks upon the masses in 2017.

Since 2010, he has collaborated with Dino Cazares (Asesino, Divine Heresy, Fear Factory), Deicide, Kevin Talley (Suffocation, etc.), Mike Sarkisyan (Spineshank), Sean Zatorsky (Chimaira, Daath, Sinsaenum), Ricky Myers (Serpents Whisper, Suffocation, Disgorge), Rob Holliday (Sulpher), Suffocation, Sulpher and many more.

In 2019, Psyclown made its return once again as Kevin’s second personality. Psyclown has been reinvented, with crazier gore and shock value, growl and clean vocals which will mess you up even more than ever. Can you handle the new Psyclown?! You can also hire Kevin or Psyclown for vocals, go to the store section for purchasing and more information.

In 2020, Kevin started with his Trap / Metalrap alias Kevin Srednep. He also started book writing and a YouTube channel. His Youtube channel will mainly focus on his music, but also contains studio sessions, sketches, challenges, gaming and much more!

What does he do?

Except from vocalist and masks,
these services are available in trade in services ONLY.


Kevin's latest alias Kevin Srednep.


Who is Kevin Srednep?


Kevin is also founding member and frontman for the Industrial Metal trio Srednep.


Who is Srednep?


He returned, reinvented himself, and this time Psyclown isn't going anywhere!


Who is Psyclown?


Studio sessions by Kevin Srednep (Listed from new to old).

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Studio Session 10 Studio Session 9 Studio Session 8 Studio Session 7 Studio Session 6 Studio Session 5 Studio Session 4 Studio Session 3 Studio Session 2 Studio Session 1


Music videos (since 2010) by Kevin Srednep (Listed from new to old).

He's done videos for Psyclown, Kevin Srednep, Sulpher, Srednep, Suffocation, Da Mouth Of Madness, Def P & Beatbusters, Steen and many more.
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Kevin Srednep - Swipe Right Psyclown - Brainfucked Kevin Srednep - Lost and Found Sulpher - Tomorrow Psyclown - Devoured by Maggots Srednep - Cyberspeed Srednep - Apocalyptic Slaughtering (Single Version) Suffocation - Purgatorial Punishment Da Mouth Of Madness and Hard Essence - Veteran ft. Steen - Hellboy (Psyclown Remix 2.0) Ft. Reverend Fang Gory, Red13, Insan0 - Rest In Peace Srednep - R3born (Single Version) Srednep - WW3 Def P & The Beatbusters - Poppendokter Steen - Kapot Geschopt Psyclown - No Offense


Uncensored, banned music videos (between 2015 / 2006) by Kevin Srednep (Listed from new to old).
WARNING, includes graphic content.

Psyclown - Coulrophobia Psyclown - Relive The Past Psyclown - Fuck Religion Psyclown - Insides


Concept art and screenshots (since 2006) by Kevin Srednep (Listed from new to old).

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Screenshot 31 Screenshot 30 Screenshot 29 Screenshot 28 Concept Art 4 Concept Art 3 Screenshot 27 Screenshot 26 Concept Art 2 Concept Art 1 Screenshot 25 Screenshot 24 Screenshot 23 Screenshot 22 Screenshot 21 Screenshot 20 Screenshot 19 Screenshot 18 Screenshot 17 Screenshot 16 Screenshot 15 Screenshot 14 Screenshot 13 Screenshot 12 Screenshot 11 Screenshot 10 Screenshot 9 Screenshot 8 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 1


Masks and SFX make-up (since 2003) by Kevin Srednep (Listed from new to old).

He's done masks for Dino Cazares (Asesino, Divine Heresy, Fear Factory), Psyclown and many more musicians, artists and collectors.
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SFX 7 SFX 6 SFX 5 SFX 4 SFX 3 SFX 2 SFX 1 Mask 13 Mask 12 Mask 11 Mask 10 Mask 9 Mask 8 Mask 7 Mask 6 Mask 5 Mask 4 Mask 3 Mask 2